Friday, July 27, 2018

F*ckin' HELL! #Israel-i troops kill two UNARMED #Palestinians in #Gaza #Protests, 43 year-old man and a 14 year-old boy, BOTH SHOT IN THE HEAD‼️ The #UN with #US veto won't put a stop to this evil brutality but WE CAN, #BoycottIsrael join #BDS!

The Palestinians have given the world proof that what they're fighting against are demons from hell and these demons fucking hate you with a hate so fierce they will kill you and your family anyway  they can. We can stop this by killing these bastards once and for all. Only a few are brave enough to accept this challenge. The rest of you go back and watch whatever it is you're watching. You're children, if they survive, will ask you what you did when the great battle against darkness was unfolding, your reply, i was too busy watching TV.

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