Wednesday, May 16, 2018

This is the ongoing Nakba.


Since the beginning of the Great Return March on Land Day, March 30, Israel has stolen the lives of at least 109 Palestinians asking to return to their homes. As we follow the news and read the growing list of names with sorrow and dread, it's critical that we remember that this did not start on March 30.
Moments like the Great Return March are incredibly important. They grab our attention because of the inspiration of the mass mobilization and unity we see, because of our connection to events on the ground, and because they garner media attention.
But we have to be vigilant in remembering that they are not isolated incidents: neither the mobilized Palestinian resistance nor the brutality with which Israel responds.
When we start the death count over again, we become part of a narrative cycle that perpetuates the idea that life in historic Palestine has been calm until the most recent so-called flare-up of violence. But violence is a reality for Palestinians every day. So is their resistance.
From day one, Israel has been engaged in the relentless destruction of Palestinian communities, families, and way of life – erasing Palestinians and replacing them with Jewish Israelis. Today, Israel continues to systemically steal Palestinian land, destroy their homes, and revoke their residency rights, denying Palestinians the freedom to live with safety and security. It also refuses to let Palestinian refugees return to their homes, making them the longest-standing and second largest refugee population in the world. This is the ongoing Nakba.

As US taxpayers, we are complicit in this oppression. If you want to find out just how complicit – on a state, county, and city level – take a look at
And then, contact your Member of Congress to demand accountability for Israeli crimes. If you've already emailed them, email again. Each time is counted.
In the last 48 hours, we have seen more and more people express their disgust over Israel's massacre of Palestinians in Gaza. More are starting to see what Palestinians have long experienced and have been testifying to. It is critical that we continue to stand in solidarity with them in their struggle for freedom, justice, and equality, and carry that message forward.

In solidarity,

  Executive Director

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