Monday, June 29, 2015

"The tattoo business as we know it was largely created by Jews"

Following the recent Supreme Court ruling federally sanctioning "homosexual marriage," an effort that has been spearheaded and championed by the organized Jewish community from its very inception (headline here says it all, but read the full article for more), an article appearing in the Jewish webzine Tablet highlighted yet another subversive and destructive cultural assault on America and the West emanating from the organized Jewish community: the acceptance and widespread phenomenon of tattoos.

According to Tablet, "The tattoo business as we know it was largely created by Jews," as the article reports.

Every time I read yet another personal essay by a young Jew or Jewess about “how I got a tiny tattoo and my parents are rilly upset but guess what I can still get buried in a Jewish cemetery,” my eyes roll back so far in my head I worry that they will get stuck that way, and I will walk around looking like a zombie extra in a Christopher Lee movie.

A little-known fact: The tattoo business as we know it was largely created by Jews. Lewis “Lew the Jew” Alberts, Charlie Wagner, Brooklyn Joe Lieber, William Moskowitz, Milton Zeis … these are the founding fathers who created the art of American tattooing and the technology that helped establish an industry. [...]
The full article is well worth reading for all the sordid details of the clique of Jews behind what has turned into a $1.65 billion industry today.

Living in Southern California, it is a rare occasion when I encounter someone without a tattoo. (I do not have any tattoos, and do not plan on getting any.) Almost everyone I know or meet has at least one; many have multiple, and eagerly plan their next one. I've heard many people, friends and acquaintances alike, describe tattoos as positively "addicting," where after getting one tattoo they almost immediately want another one.

I will probably ruffle some feathers by saying this, but I don't find tattoos attractive or appealing in any way. Of course, I have met and often see women with tattoos that are quite attractive. However, they would be even more attractive, in my opinion, without tattoos. I tend to view tattoos as subversive, unnatural (obviously), and entirely unnecessary. I'm open to alternative perspectives though, so please let me know what you think in the comments below.

I've often wondered if there is any subversive or destructive ideology, perspective, or cultural norm accepted and promoted in the West today that does not originate in the mind of a Jew. As of this writing, I honestly cannot identify even one. It should be clear to everyone at this point that #WithJewsWeLose - always and forever. It's as simple and straightforward as that folks.

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