Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Tsunami Wipes Out Tel Aviv

Tsunami Wipes Out Tel Aviv

Tsunami Wipes Out Tel Aviv

Tsunami Slams Israel And 6,000,000 Are Dead

Actual picture of giant (800') wave hitting Tel Aviv!! 6,000,000 are dead in a 'Aquacaust' (water holocaust).

Israelis Mourn Their Relatives

Israeli Children Take To The Roof-Tops

Israelis Are Praying By The Thousands

Panic Sets In

Esther Lost Her Entire Family Of 4,000

Mass Pray Vigils For Missing Israelis

Millions Are Already Dead From This Killer Wave

This may be an 'Aquacaust' (A water holocaust). It is estimated that 6,000,000 will die.

Beit Shalom Synagogue Wiped Out By Monster Wave

Rabbi Shitelstein says "We have already buried two million dead Jews, so the death toll will easily be 6,000,000".

Where Is God?

How much more can the Jewish people take?

Impacted Bowels

Many Israelis are straining at the seams.

Mel Fromstein Was A Hero

When the wave hit, it left a Tel Aviv orphanage 40 feet underwater. Mel Fromstein, a local hero, who led the 'Escape from Sobibor', was a French partisan, was Gen. Patton's bodyguard, and was the first American on Normandy Beach, jumped into action. He heard the screams of the children and made fifty dives, saving 100 kids.

Much Like The Holocaust, There Is A Lack Of Bodies

Tel Aviv survivors testified that crocodiles roamed the streets and ate the bodies. Herds of killer whales, sharks, man-eating sea turtles ate the victims that washed out to sea.

Whales Ate The Bodies

An 'Aquacaust' (Water Holocaust) Where Killer Whales Eat Innocent Jews

Will You Donate To Help Find The Missing 6 Million Jews?

Poll Results:

Yes - Put me down for $5,000 13% Total Votes: 45

No - Holocausts, Mengele, Anne Frank, etc, and now an 'Aquacaust'. You are full of sh*t, this is another Zio-Hoax! 87% Total Votes: 298

343 votes total

Notable Comments From PollCode:

From Bibi Nutty-yahu on February 28, 2010 at 9:37 pm.
If you look closely, you can see Elie Wiesel surfing the wave.


From Mammon Grabbinsky on February 28, 2010 at 6:22 am.
But you forgot the evil Germans in this story. Actually, this tsunami was caused by Hitler's own submarine off the coast of Chile.


From Gilda organ-theftski on February 28, 2010 at 5:03 am.
My grandparents escaped from 3 tidal waves and were brought up by stingrays, they don't speak much english but they say they want $5m for their sufferink.

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  1. hilelarious
  2. By astonishing providence, a Delegation of Aquatic Expert Presidents of Independent Jewish Claims Organizations, had moments before the anti-semitic tidal wave (JEWNAMI), lifted off in Air Force One enroute to Washington, where a tribunal was already considering evidence that NOAA and IPCC had together caused Aquatic (or likely to moisten) Inconveniences to the Jewish People or their Semito-Oceanic mascot Right-e-os Narwhal.
  3. I couldn't stop laughing, really well done
  4. Who do i write the check to?
  5. Hahaha! Hillel will soon be passing on info to the $PLC and the FBI.