Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Palestinian prisoners to refuse medicine as boycott escalates

Palestinian prisoners to refuse medicine as boycott escalates

Palestinian prisoners have decided not to take medicine as part of an escalating protest.
As well as boycotting Israeli military courts, detainees will now refuse health care until their demands are met.
Detainees will also begin a wave of hunger strikes in the coming months.
The boycott of military courts started on 15 February. Some human rights activists and lawyers are supporting the prisoners’ action by refusing to cooperate with Israel’s military court system.
Prisoners said the boycott will last until Israel ends its practice of administrative detention – the imprisonment of Palestinians without charge or trial that can be renewed indefinitely.
Israeli occupation forces threatened and beat detainees in an attempt to pressure them to end the boycott mid-April. Israel also threatened lawyers with punishment, including financial penalties, for complying with the boycott.
Israel has arrested more than 800,000 Palestinians and issued more than 52,000 administrative detention orders since 1967.
52,000 Administrative Detention orders have been issued since 1967. That represents at least 15,000 years of jail time.

Israel’s war on the Tamimi family

Meanwhile, Israeli occupation forces have arrested yet another member of the Tamimi family.
Waed Tamimi, 21, was taken by the Israeli army from his home in the occupied West Bank village of Nabi Saleh during an early morning raid last week.
After Israeli soldiers beat and bruised Waed, he was taken to hospital, his father Bassem wrote in a Facebook post.
Waed is the brother of 17-year-old prisoner Ahed Tamimi, who has been jailed by occupation authorities for shoving and slapping heavily armed occupation soldiers in December, hours after the army shot her 15-year-old cousin Muhammad Fadel Tamimi in the face.
Ahed and Waed’s mother Nariman was also arrested in December for filming her daughter’s interaction with the soldiers and broadcasting it on the Internet.
Now, the two siblings and their mother Nariman are detained by Israel.
Their father Bassem Tamimi argued that the Israeli army is seeking to break the will of the Tamimi family.
“On a morning heavy with longing for Ahed and Nariman, the occupation forces stormed my house and arrested Waed,” Bassem wrote in a Facebook post.
Ahed and Nariman were sentenced to eight months in prison in March, including time served.

Celebrating an extrajudicial executioner

Meanwhile, the Israeli army medic Elor Azarya was released from prison on 8 May after serving nine months for the point blank execution of an incapacitated Palestinian, Abd al-Fattah Yusri al-Sharif, on a Hebron street in 2016.
The army medic’s original 18-month sentence was shortened a couple of times. He was also released two days early to attend his brother’s wedding.